25th Aug 2023

Join professional artist Jacob Gourley for this comprehensive portraiture workshop in oils. Designed for artists of all levels, the class will equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to improve their portrait painting. 

Topics covered with include:

  1. Proportion and basic facial anatomy - how to establish the underlying structure of the portrait and locate the features correctly.
  2. Tone - understanding and applying correct tonal relationships to create a convincing sense of form and light
  3. Colour - basic colour mixing and colour theory principles, understanding colour relativity
  4. Materials and process - how to develop a portrait from the initial underpainting and block-in, to the finishing touches
  5. And more!

Jacob Gourley is a representational oil painter whose work falls under the umbrella of impressionistic realism. His practice explores a range of subjects from formal portraiture to dream-like landscapes. Since 2019, Jacob has received recognition for his figurative work, having won several competitions. Most recently he was featured on the BBC for his portrait of Martin Wood, the Shrewsbury Town Crier, in connection with his 40 years of service. jacobgourley.com

Location: Cass Art Liverpool

Date & times: 25th August 2024, 11am - 4pm

Ages: 18+

Materials provided:

  • Oil paint - basic selection of colours
  • Solvent
  • Table easel
  • Palette
  • Portrait Reference Photo
  • Kitchen Roll
  • Wipes
  • Jars/cups

Materials to bring or buy: (attendees will receive 10% off instore on the day)

  • Brushes
  • Canvas panel/stretched canvas - (12x10" - 12x16")

Tickets: £70

This workshop is wheelchair accessible.