Studio Easels Sale

Studio easels are sturdy and built to last a lifetime. The Italian made Mabef easels are some the best on the market and the Daler Rowney easels offer great value. The best part is these can be delivered direct to your door.

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  1. Mabef M04 Master Artist Studio Easel

    RRP: £995.00 £547.50

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  2. Mabef M06 Studio Easel

    RRP: £450.00 £270.00

  3. Mabef M05 Studio Easel

    RRP: £750.00 £426.50

  4. Mabef M09 Artist Studio Easel

    RRP: £255.00 £139.00

  5. Mabef M18 Convertible Studio Easel

    RRP: £565.00 £315.00

  6. Mabef M20 Lyre Easel

    RRP: £115.00 £89.95

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Studio Easels Sale

Not only are these available for free next day delivery UK wide or internationally but they can also be found at your local art supplies shop UK wide. Any questions, please feel free to give out the team a call and we'll be happy to investigate for you - after all, an easel can last a lifetime.