Luxury Sale

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  1. Golden QoR Watercolour 5ml Set of 24

    RRP: £114.95 £89.95

    From £0.75 per ml

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  2. Lyra Rembrandt Polycolour Prestige Wooden Box Set

    RRP: £325.00 £225.00

  3. R&F Pigment Stick Translucent 38ml Set of 6

    RRP: £74.95 £67.50

    From £0.30 per ml

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Luxury Sale

Treat yourself to some Chameleon, Golden, Lyra, R&F Luxury art materials in the sale, with the highest quality supplies at extremely affordable prices. Our Chameleon, Golden, Lyra, R&F Luxury items include artist’s quality pastels, pencils, easels and pens, as well as handy additions to the studio like Daylight lamps and Blundell Drawing Boards. If these quality items aren’t enough to tempt you, then our sale prices surely are. Make a timeless addition to your artist toolkit at an incredibly low price while the sale lasts!