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Whether you work in a studio, at home or outdoors, we have a range of top quality easels to suit your needs, from studio easels to sketch easels, and table easels to field easels. A sturdy studio easel that you can adjust by height and angle is a must-have for every artist, but a portable easel is also a lightweight treat for artists who work on the move.
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  1. JULLIAN Full Size Sketch Box Easel including Carrying Bag

    RRP: £155.00 £109.95 Save 29%

  2. JULLIAN Oiled Beechwood Watercolour Easel + Carrying Bag

    RRP: £137.50 £94.95 Save 31%

  3. JULLIAN Oiled Beechwood Mobile Studio Easel on Castors + Locking Bolts

    RRP: £234.50 £159.95 Save 32%

  4. JULLIAN Oiled Beechwood Sculpture Stand

    RRP: £165.70 £119.95 Save 28%

  5. JULLIAN Oiled Beechwood Print Rack

    RRP: £65.70 £52.95 Save 19%

  6. JULLIAN Oiled Beechwood Adjustable Bookstand

    RRP: £50.00 £37.95 Save 24%

  7. JULLIAN Oiled Beechwood Table Easel with Fixed Canvas Holder

    RRP: £10.90 £7.95 Save 27%

  8. JULLIAN Folding Aluminium Table Easel + Adjustable Wings

    RRP: £15.60 £12.95 Save 17%