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Whether you work in a studio, at home or outdoors, we have a range of top quality easels to suit your needs, from studio easels to sketch easels, and table easels to field easels. A sturdy studio easel that you can adjust by height and angle is a must-have for every artist, but a portable easel is also a lightweight treat for artists who work on the move.
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    Daler Rowney Cotswold Studio Easel

    The beautiful Daler-Rowney Cotswold Studio Easel is made from fine oiled beechwood. A metal ratchet adjusts the height and can tilt it forwards and backwards, so you can get the canvas into exactly the position that’s comfortable for you. Though very sturdy, it’s easily transportable…

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    Winsor & Newton Thames Radial Easel

    The Winsor & Newton Thames Radial Easel is a rigid, adjustable easel that’s sturdily constructed from beechwood. You can tilt the canvas to get whatever working position feels most comfortable to you. When you’re not using the easel, it’s easy to fold up. This is…

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    Mabef M09 Artist Studio Easel

    The Mabef M09 artist’s atelier Studio Easel is made from oiled, stain resistant beech wood and features an adjustable working angle and storage tray. This studio easel has a minimum height of 1.43m and maximum 2.44m. It is 49cm wide, its base measures 55cmx52cm, and it weighs 10.5kg. The…

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    Jullian Full Size Sketch Box Easel including Carrying Bag

    Made of oiled beechwood, the Jullian Classic easel has most of the basic features of the famous original Jullian easel, including a metal lined drawer with adjustable dividers, brass plated fittings, a linen shoulder strap and moulded feet. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and comes with…

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    Mabef M06 Studio Easel

    The Mabef M06 Studio Easel is convertible, with a ratchet control for adjusting the height of the canvas holder. This easel is ideal for use with large canvases of up to 2.25m in size. It has a minimum length of 1.80m and a maximum of 3.75m. It weighs 23.5kg, is 60cm wide, and its base…

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    Mabef M19 Double Sided Display Easel

    The New Mabef M19 Studio Easel is a high quality conventional H-Frame easel, but it’s unique in that it is double-sided meaning it can be used on both sides. It features an adjustable ratchet control system, on both sides, for adjusting the height of the canvas holders, which can each independently…

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    Mabef M02 Lugano Artist Studio Easel

    The Mabef M02 is a double studio easel with crank for easy height adjustment. The M02 easel has a minimum height of 2.05m and maximum 3.9m. It weighs 42kg and supports canvases of up to 2.35m high and 40kg in weight. Mabef’s M02 studio easel is perfect for use with very large canvases…

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    Jakar Aluminium Easel with Telescopic Legs

    The Jakar Aluminium Easel is an excellent-value field easel that’s convenient to take out and about with you. The telescopic legs extend it to a height of 167cm (66in), and it will hold a maximum canvas height of 84cm (33in). When not in use, it folds down easily to a length of just…

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    Daler Rowney Edinburgh Table Easel

    The Daler-Rowney Edinburgh Table Easel is an elegant and practical wooden box table easel with a fully adjustable painting angle, so it’s easy to set at whatever angle is most comfortable for you. You’ll find it ideal for working in any medium. The box has removable dividers,…

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    Mabef M22 French Sketch Box Easel

    The Mabef M22 Sketch box Easel is a large, but easily transportable and adjustable easel. Its box compartment makes it the perfect travel companion. The tin lined box contains four compartments, with a sliding drawer and a wooden palette, which also acts as a cover when the easel is folded…

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    Jullian Oiled Beechwood Watercolour Easel + Carrying Bag

    A field easel offering the unique features of a french easel that can be used for either oils or watercolors. Made of premium quality beechwood, fitted with durable brass plated fittings, the JB20 easel is compact, lightweight and adjustable to most canvas and watercolour block sizes. Supplied…

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    Daler Rowney St Pauls Easel

    Ideal for both watercolour and oil painting, the St Paul’s Sketching Easel is a versatile, folding-tripod easel made from oiled beechwood. This easel comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. With its retractable legs and lightweight design it is highly portable and can also be used as a…

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    Daler Rowney Exeter Radial Studio Easel

    The Exeter Radial Studio Easel from Daler-Rowney is a robust and durable easel produced from beechwood. Good quality and fully adjustable, it allows you to work at various working positions as you can change the height as well as the angle of the working surfaces. This easel is also easily…

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    Daler Rowney Kensington Studio Easel

    This Kensington Easel from Daler Rowney is a robust studio easel made from beechwood. It can be adjusted to any angle, and can be tilted and secured with fly bolts at two points instead of one. This makes it much more versatile than most other easels out there; the unique feature means the…

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    Daler Rowney Lyra Studio Easel

    This Lyra A-Frame Easel by Daler Rowney is a versatile and robust studio easel made from beechwood, perfect for all forms of painting and drawing. It features sturdy high side poles as well as an adjustable bottom canvas holder controlled by a ratchet mechanism. It can also can be tilted…

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    Winsor & Newton Eden Table Easel

    The Winsor & Newton Eden Table Easel is solidly built from beechwood, with an H frame construction. You can tilt it to whatever angle suits you best, so it’s very comfortable to work at.  The maximum canvas size this easel can hold is 57cm (22.4”) which is just under…

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    Mabef M05 Studio Easel

    Made in Italy from oiled beechwood, the M05 Studio Easel uniquely features a crank that lets you adjust the height of the working area, and allows for control over canvas elevation. This easel has an H-frame construction and is a more compact version of the M04 Master Studio…

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    Mabef M18 Convertible Studio Easel

    The Mabef M18 Large Studio Easel has a minimum height of 1.80m and maximum of 3.75m. Constructed of oiled, stain-resistant beech wood the canvas holder can be angled from vertical to horizontal forming a table, which makes it especially well suited to use with water and ink, as well as oil, acrylic…

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    Mabef M13 Lyre Artist Easel

    The Mabef M13 is a lyre studio easel in oiled beech wood, featuring sliding canvas supports and an anti-vibration inner spring. It measures 55cm x 65cm x 65cm at the base, with height adjustable up to 2m. It also features a 49cm x 4cm shelf and is suitable for canvases up to 1.6m high which…

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    Jullian Oiled Beechwood Mobile Studio Easel on Castors + Locking Bolts

    The JULLIAN Oiled Beechwood Mobile Studio Easel on Castors + Locking Bolts is mobile studio easel on castors with locking bolts. Canvas holder easily adjustable in height with a simple ratchet control. Front and back angle adjustment with anti tilt system. Storage shelf for paints and…

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    Mabef M14 Table Easel

    The Mabef M14 Table Easel is produced from oiled, stain resistant beech wood and is perfect for working indoors on a table top. With aluminium screws and an adjustable 28.5cm x 3.5cm canvas holder it is suitable for use with canvases or drawing boards up to 60cm in height. Find out more about…