Whether you're off to a job interview, applying for a space at university or looking to store your work safely away, we have portfolios for every instance. Our own brand is made of the highest quality and the sleeves are acid-free - perfect for lifelong storage.

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  1. Mapac Premier Portfolio

    From £16.95 Save up to 54%

    Available in 4 sizes
  2. Mapac Designer Case

    From £21.95 Save up to 53%

    Available in 4 sizes
  3. Daler Rowney Studio Folio

    From £28.95 Save up to 19%

    Available in 3 colours
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  4. Seawhite Archival Box 50mm Deep

    From £12.95 Save up to 13%

    Available in 3 sizes
  5. Seawhite Slim Archival Box

    From £6.95

    Available in 2 sizes
  6. University Portfolio Starter Set with Portfolio, Sleeves & Strap

    RRP: £70.45 £46.50 Save 34%


We also stock portfolios by top brands such as Mapac and Prat to give the best impression with their quality materials. These are available in-store and online at the best prices guaranteed.