Projectors & Lighting

Sorry! The Cass Art Sale has now ended but we'd love to see you back next time.
Luckily with these long winter nights, we have a great range of lighting solutions in the sale so every artist can work as late as they like. The Daylight Company have a varied range of both easel and studio lamps depending on the scale of your practice, or the Artograph Tracer Projector can enlarge any of your drawings. Whether you work at a desk or on the floor, we’ve got the lamp for you to light the way this January.
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  1. Artograph Tracer Projector

    RRP: £92.99 £69.95 Save 25%

  2. The Daylight Company Wafer Lightbox

    From £69.95 Save up to 26%

    Available in 2 sizes
  3. Artograph LightPad

    From £155.00 Save up to 22%

    Available in 3 sizes
  4. The Daylight Company Professional Artist Lamp

    RRP: £139.00 £119.95 Save 14%

  5. The Daylight Company Easel Lamp

    RRP: £82.00 £69.95 Save 15%

  6. The Daylight Company Slimline LED Table Lamp

    RRP: £125.00 £99.95 Save 20%

  7. The Daylight Company Studio Lamp and Stand

    RRP: £125.00 £99.95 Save 20%

  8. The Daylight Company Magnificent LED Magnifying Lamp

    RRP: £83.00 £69.95 Save 16%

  9. The Daylight Company Table Magnifying Lamp

    RRP: £40.50 £35.95 Save 11%