The Art Spaces at Cass Art celebrate our community, they support the creative endeavour of local artists by offering a regular programme of diverse exhibitions and events. Through The Art Spaces we are able to showcase the people and the art that we believe in. Everyone should be able to experience, embrace and get involved in all forms of contemporary creativity based on the fundamental principles of talent and ability.

We’re committed to ensuring that artists have a platform to be seen by all in a model that encourages the contemplation of artworks in a calm, open and most importantly accessible environment. All our spaces are free to hire and we don't take any commission on sales made. We also feature the STAS cliprail pro hanging system which is made up of a heavy-duty rail to support up to 10kg per linear metre of artworks.

The Art Spaces are located at Cass Art in the following branches:


63 – 67 Queen Street, Glasgow, G1 3EN

Around the corner from the Gallery of Modern Art and just a 10 minute walk from the renowned Glasgow School of Art you’ll find our largest Art Space. Measuring over 60 metre squared and lending itself to a very flexible format for exhibitors. The space is also home to local artists and art groups who use the space for monthly meet ups and regular workshops. Over the years they have exhibiting a vast array of artists such as David Mach, Marion Dechars and Doodleman

For exhibition and workshop enquiries please contact:


103 Clarence Street, Kingston, London, KT1 1QY

Just minutes from the train station you’ll find our Kingston Art Space. This is a fantastic room located upstairs in the Kingston Upon Thames branch which mesaures up to 48 metres squared. Alongside their everchaging and eclectic exhibitions programme they support a wide range of workshops too. Some of the artists who have exhibited in recent years are John Potter, Brad Kenny and the 2019 BP Portrait Award Charlie Schaffer.

For exhibition and workshop enquiries please contac:


58 – 62 Heath Street, London, NW3 1EN

Located in the heart of the Hampstead borough and less than 50 yards from the Overground station is our newest Art Space in our Hampstead branch. Measuring just over 2 metres long the wall of the entrance, the branches glass front allows the Art Space to look out onto Heath Street. Since it opened in April it has played host to a number of artists such as Katy Sayers Green, Mahshid Alaghband and 2019 BP Portrait Award exhibitor Tedi Lena.

For exhibition and workshop enquiries please contact: 


43 – 45 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5NL

Located on Park Street you'll find our Bristol Art Space. Measuring just over 22 metres squared this space offers a large programme of exhibitions and a variety of diverse workshops to support the local creative community. Over the years the Bristol Art Space has facilitated shows for artists such as Nic Dartnell, the 2019 Landscape Artist of the Year winner Jen Gash and the renowned Atelier Art School LARA.

For exhibition and workshop enquiries please contact:


55 -57 Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JR

You'll find our Manchester Art Space located in the heart of the ever vibrant Northern Quarter. This space is designed especially to support an eclectic programme of exhibitions and workshops to reflect the diversity of the city. It's located in the basement of the store and measures up to 49 metres squared. Some artists who’ve exhibited over the years include Alex Hammond, Mike Tinney and Liam Dickenson – Runner up in Sky Portrait Artist of the Year 2017.

For exhibition and workshop enquiries please contact:


18 School Lane, Liverpool, L1 3BT

The Liverpool Art Space is located at the rear of our branch on School Lane. It measures just over 8 metres in total and supports a diverse programme of shows from staff exhibitions to supporting local artists. It also supports a variety of workshops to support the incredibly strong creative Liverpudlian community.

For exhibition and workshop enquiries please contact: