Oil painting represents painting at its most sincere: elegant, luxurious and the medium of the old masters. But it can be as contemporary as it can be classical, with the help from leading brands like Winsor & Newton, Michael Harding and Daler Rowney catering to both aspiring artists and professionals. Artist oil paint is valued for its viscosity and gloss, it does take a longer time to dry than acrylic or watercolour, which means oil painters are practised at painting in layers. Oil paint isn't water-soluble so is used with white spirits, linseed oil and other minerals instead of water when mixing. Vary your impasto with different brush strokes and pair your oil paints with our high-quality oil paint canvases, designed to complement the unique properties of oil-based mediums. Our range of oil paint colours offers endless possibilities to paint with, enabling you to create vibrant artworks with depth and luminosity.

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