Blending Tips & Techniques • The Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker

by Cass Art

The Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker has revolutionised the way we approach our Marker pens. With over 100 colours to choose from, we thought it was time to break down the markers that you may have overlooked…

The White Blender and Colourless Blender have changed the way we approach drawing. Combining these markers with the full colour range, you can rework your artworks again and again.

Ergonomically designed to mirror the tonal markers, the Broad Chiselled nib allows for block coverage, whilst the Fine nib allows for precise application and control.

Blending Multiple Colours

With an extensive palette of over 100 colours, the combinations are endless. Blend full strength, vivid colours to subtle shades effortlessly. Layer colour and blend directly on the page. To restore your marker to its former glory, simply colour on a scrap piece of paper until the colour runs back to the original shade.

Using non-fade, fine art pigments instead of dyes, your artwork will stray fresh and vibrant for a lifetime, with a rating of lightfastness of up to 100 years.

Combined with the new Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker Pad, the paper's unique coating allows colour to float across the surface, allowing you to effortlessly blend colours directly onto your artwork.

The White Blender

The industry’s first White Blender places a limitless palette of tones and hues at your fingertips. The marker allows you to draw across dark surfaces easily due to high levels of levels of titanium dioxide pigments.

Blend, build and soften colours and create a range of subtle effects. Plus, it’s a great tool for reworking into lighter areas and correct mistakes.

The Colourless Blender

The Colourless Blender lets you create effects and blend colours effortlessly. Creating a Watercolour effect, like a water colour wash, the pen can be used to lighten colours and mix two or more together.

It can also be used to lift and remove colour, allowing for added effects.

Feeling Inspired?

An extraordinary marker deserves extraordinary offers. Head in store or online and explore the full colour range of Winsor & Newton Pigment Markers. We’ve handpicked our favourite colours in a selection of tonal sets, including Cool Grey and Vibrant Tones.

Looking to broaden your range? Try the Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker Set of 36 Tones to really expand your colour palette.

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