18th Feb 2023

Rossie creates multi-layered figurative abstract and seascape paintings inspired by the ocean or water, faith, our inner strength, and our need to belong. She uses a mixture of acrylic paints, silicone oil, and sometimes ink or resin in her work, often using equipment such as a heat gun or hair dryer and pouring the mediums to produce various effects. She loves to create with the paint rather than always having something specific in mind to produce. Each painting can take quite a while as she allows layers to dry and introduces different elements.

To Rossie, the ocean embodies infinite possibilities. It is a metaphor for freedom, mystery, and the intricate interconnectedness of life. Every colour choice, every poured paint, reflects the profoundness of the ocean’s mysteries, the depth of hidden life beneath the surface, and the vibrant hues that dance upon the water. Each artwork becomes a portal, a window into the profound beauty and vastness that lies within us and the world around us.
Rossie is an English artist living in Bristol with her husband and 3 young children. She has a degree in Drama and Christian Ministry, and spent 4 years living in northern Australia as part of an 18 year career in a global Christian missions charity. To date she has sold work, including commissions, through social media, her website, local art trails, North Street Gallery in Bristol, and personal connections, and has had her work featured in a PwC exhibition in central London, and in the prestigious Artistcloseup contemporary art magazine. She is also going to be exhibiting in The Brick Lane Gallery in July 2023 in central London. Rossie Henderson-Begg (rossiehb.art)

Location: The Art Space, Cass Art Bristol

Dates: Monday 5th February - Sunday 18th February 2024

Admission: FREE 

Please note, this exhibition takes places on the lower ground floor and there is no step-free access.