18th Feb 2023

Welcome to Rossie’s artistic world, where the beauty of the ocean and the depths of abstract expression converge. She is thrilled to share her journey with you and invites you to immerse yourself in the transformative power of her art.

When Rossie began to venture more intentionally into the world of decorative art, she discovered the enchantment of seascapes and abstract painting, using paint pouring. Guided by the rhythm of the waves and the allure of the unknown, she found herself compelled to create with acrylic paint and silicone oil, blending vibrant colours and embracing the fluidity of the medium.

To Rossie, the ocean embodies infinite possibilities. It is a metaphor for freedom, mystery, and the intricate interconnectedness of life. Every colour choice, every poured paint, reflects the profoundness of the ocean’s mysteries, the depth of hidden life beneath the surface, and the vibrant hues that dance upon the water. Each artwork becomes a portal, a window into the profound beauty and vastness that lies within us and the world around us.

Rossie’s mission is to bring a sense of upliftment, inspiration, and respite from the busyness and stress of modern life. She wants to create pieces that allow you to escape into a world of beauty and wonder, where your spirit can soar and your imagination can roam freely. It is Rossie’s belief that every individual is significant, layered, unique, and breathtaking, just like the artwork that can adorn their walls.

To date she has sold and exhibited work, including commissions, through social media, her website, local art trails, galleries in Bristol, London and Stroud, and has had her work featured in a PwC exhibition in central London, and in the prestigious Artistcloseup contemporary art magazine. Rossie Henderson-Begg (rossiehb.art)

Location: The Art Space, Cass Art Bristol


  • Private View: 4pm - 5:30pm Saturday 10th February – all welcome
  • Exhibition runs: Monday 5th February - Sunday 18th February 2024

Admission: FREE 

Please note, this exhibition takes places on the lower ground floor and there is no step-free access.