27th Jul 2023

See works by recently graduated portrait artists from the Art Academy: Ania Ruszkowski Marina Trani and Yin Wang form the collective WeR1. They come from very different backgrounds - Polish, Italian and Chinese and their works celebrate these cultures and their diversity. Through creative exploration, observations, and cultural perspectives they capture viewpoints to visually engage and challenge you to explore alternative worlds, shared through their eyes.

Ania Ruszkowski is a contemporary artist whose Polish heritage has influenced her to explore how migration goes hand in hand with maintaining a familiar setting. aniaruszkowski.com

Marina Trani is a scientist and portrait artist who captures people’s emotions and stories through figurative images. Marina's background is in science and innovation. marinatrani.com

Yin Wang is a member of the Chinese diaspora who presents her work from her homeland from an external perspective, while emphasizing fundamental values such as family and love through incorporating influences from Chinese traditional ink art, particularly in brush marks and the use of colours and mediums. yinwangart.com

Location: The Art Space, Cass Art Kingston

Dates: 15th - 27th July 2024

Admission: FREE

Please note, this exhibition takes place on the first floor and there is no step-free access.