24th Nov 2023

An exhibition of the artwork of mixed media and graffiti artist Core Sway, featuring a collection of works on canvas, paper and fabric.

Adam is a self-taught artist who has drawn inspiration from many different mediums such as graffiti, street art, collage, mixed media, pop art, expressionism, reusing old or discarded materials. The art pieces are created spontaneously and inspired with the materials at hand. Whatever triggers the inspiration, be it adverts, magazine clippings, discarded ephemera, TV and film – it is used in art. For his most recent pieces of work, the focus has been on recycling, and rejuvenation. This has involved collage and mixed media work on canvas but using materials I have previously accumulated over time that includes old sport newspaper clippings, stickers, postcards, plastic shopping bags, trading cards and a card shopping bag from Ibiza amongst other item. Adam’s purpose was to create something new from something old. Rather than throw these items out, he have found a new use for them within his artwork, combining it with paint and spray paint, building up layers of texture and colour to a finished product in his own graffiti-based style.

Location: The Art Space, Cass Art Kingston

Dates: 8th - 24th November 2024

Admission: FREE

Please note, this exhibition takes place on the first floor and there is no step-free access.