2nd Jul 2023

Lizi Whitton is a multi disciplinary artist from south London. In this exhibition Whitton explores their fascination with dreams, cats and the innocent naivety of how we see the world as children. The collection features paintings using acrylic, gouache and watercolour, as well as some textile pieces. Whitton hopes to share their nostalgia for their childhood through their works while also inspiring children to explore their own creativity. “My paintings usually depict my longing for a time once passed but not forgotten, now a hazy memory with a bright pop of colour. As well as how simple things like toys, fruit and animals bring me joy and contentment.”

Artworks are available for purchase:

  • Canvas paintings available for sale on request. 
  • Gouache paintings available in prints or original framed pieces. 
  • Textile pieces available for sale on request.

Location: Cass Art Kensington

Dates: 27th May - 2nd July 2024

Admission: FREE

Please note, this exhibition has no step-free access.