Unison Soft Pastels are a professional quality pastel, handmade in the UK using the finest materials. They are carefully calculated and formulated to guarantee high pigment load, vibrant colour and a smooth buttery texture. Loved by amateurs and professionals alike, these versatile pastels can easily be blended and are considered to be the finest on the market. We went behind the scenes to their incredible factory.

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how these wonderful pastels are made. Enjoy!

Mixing the Recipe

By 8am Jim has mixed all the recipes for today’s pastel production. Each and every one of the 380 colours in Unison Colour’s soft pastel range has its own unique recipe. By using only, the finest pigments, plus a little binder and water the first step in producing the pastels has begun.

Rolling the Pastels

Once the pastels are at the correct consistency to roll, they are worked in the hand by the makers, then rolled out onto a clean sheet of blotting paper transforming the ‘blob’ into a recognisable pastel. The ends are then trimmed to size using a specially adapted handmade tool.

Quality Control

When the pastels are dry, they are collated and taken over to Hazel, Unison Colour’s Quality Control expert, where she rigorously inspects each batch. Ensuring they draw out to their expected buttery consistency and the colours are a true match to those of John Hersey’s original master set.

Labelling and Packing

As with every process in the making of a Unison Colour pastel, the labelling and boxing of each pastel is done by hand. Great care and attention are taken not to smudge a single label or mark the foam inserts when packing the pastels. The results of this labour-intensive work are evident when an artist opens a new box of pastels and admires its contents.

'Without the combined expertise, knowledge and dedication of the ‘Unison Colour Team’ none of the above would be possible!