Drawing Without Rules: It's National Doodle Day!

by Cass Art

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Today is National Doodle Day - you better believe it! As much fun as it is on its own, it's also in aid of a great cause - to raise money and draw a line through Epilepsy.

So to celebrate all things doodly, we thought we'd put together a handy feature to show you one of the many ways you might want to go about doodling. But let's face it, there aren't really any rules. You can doodle how you wish. You can draw stars and shapes and fish and faces and lines and splodges and give caterpillars top-hats and animals the power of speech bubbles. The paper sky really is the limit here.


With words, and words alone. Inspiring, to the point and typographically free, spell your doodles out with the penned word.

Doodles with words

With images - realistic, cartoon-like, copied from photographs or captured from life - whatever your doodle taste, today's the day to get the ink flowing.

Doodle sketch

On books. There are books made especially for dedicated doodle time, and here at Cass Art we sell a rather lovely selection. Want something floral and intricate like Secret Garden by Johanna Basford? Or perhaps her newer, more adventurous Enchanted Forest? It has an exclusive pull-out poster only available in copies sold at Cass Art.

Johanna Basford

Doodle to instructions. Once again, there are books for this too. Try out Fill In The Blanks by Vahram Muratyan & Elodie Chaillous, or one of Marion Deuchar's many fun-filled activity books. Let's Make Some Great Art and Let's Make Great Fingerprint Art are two good'uns - and if you find yourself up near our new Glasgow shop on Queen Street, then wander into the Art Space, where Marion's exhibition Art For All is just begging you to doodle all over the drawing sheets - and even on the wall! 

Lion by Marion Deuchars


Try doodling with the Staedtler Pigment Liners. Black, with a crisp line and variety of different nibs, you'll achieve the lines you're after with a single stroke.

Want a bit of colour? The Derwent Grapik Line Painters are bright, beautiful and calling out for your doodles - they're watersoluble too, just in case your doodles need a nice cold drink or they get caught in the rain. Or if you need to give them a river to paddle down. Or a puddle to splash in. (The doodling possibilites are endless.)

Graphik Line Painters

And you need something to doodle on, besides your own arm or the furniture (which we definitely don't recommend.) Try the doodle-sized A5 blank Leuchtturm sketchbook - take it on the train, leave it by the phone or pop it on your desk so you can fill it with doodles whenever inspiration strikes.


We'd love to see them! Post them to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #cassart #NationalDoodleDay and we'll do our best to retweet.

Feeling inspired?

Visit the National Doodle Day website here for more information on how you can get involved with National Doodle Day and help draw a line through Epilepsy.

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