Find the 5 Reasons Why You Should Doodle

Find the 5 Reasons Why You Should Doodle

Posted by Cass Art on 3rd Jun 2018

Great news- after much argument and debate it's official: doodling isn't a waste of time after all! In fact, the act of drawing a doodle is a useful occupation; providing a quick and pain-free way to process golden nuggets of information and transform them into easily digestible, artful creations.

A doodle is worth 1000 words… Doodles can contain complex emotions, ideas and experiences that can be difficult to say out loud. No longer simply a procrastination tool, recent studies show that doodling has a number of benefits to our health, productivity and personal and creative development. But, how?

Well, we've got the answers for you. Find out how that marginal drawing could be the hammer to your creative block, the squiggly path to your eureka idea and maybe even the key to inner peace... so, read on fellow doodlers, and doodle sceptics- find out why it is a good idea for you to pick up that pen and get scribbling.

1. Focus

Science has shown that doodling is not the mindless activity it was once assumed to be, and can in fact improve a person's focus and concentration. So remember - the scribbles covering your meeting itinerary, or the cartoons dotted on your lecture notes, are actually helping you to engage, remember and process information.

2. Memory

If you're struggling to remember something, or can't think of the right words to say, doodling can help your mind to pick up the pieces. Doodling engages the brain to keep your thoughts from wandering, and the calming process of drawing can also help us to reconstruct things that we’ve heard in the past. So, instead of writing you next shopping list, why not try doodling it?

3. Problem solving

Doodling not only helps you to remember things, it can also be a great way to visualise and present new concepts. By communicating ideas and visions in a non-linear way, doodling provides an alternative route to learning, sharing and exploring ideas.

4. Mindfulness

When your brain feels clogged, doodling can be like yoga for the mind. There has been a surge in research and recognition of mindfulness practices in everyday activities; from the workplace, to the gym, to the dinner table. With our lifestyle becoming ever-busier, our brains are constantly full of information, and often feel strained. Like meditation, doodling offers a calming encounter with the present moment, and through an interaction with materials can help you to focus and become one with your thoughts.

5. Creativity

From ummm to ohm to eureka! Whether your artistic block is occurring as a hobbyist, student or professional, doodling can be a great way to purge that excess mind baggage, and get your creative juices flowing. It can help us to think beyond the passé and recognisable, to combine and reorganise information in new and innovative ways.

BONUS - Keep Warm

In this freezing weather doodling could also be a great way to keep those digits dextrous and frostbite-free! It doesn’t matter what medium you use or what you’re doodling on – we have a great collection of small notebooks to slip into a pocket or purse- ready for whenever the mood strikes. We also have a range of water resistant materials made especially* for doodling in the rain. Have fun!

*Not especially for this purpose but, rather useful.

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