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This Winsor & Newton Cotman Pocket Half Pan Set of 8 comes in 4 different types - Portrait, Landscape, Skyscape and Floral

  • These are Ideal for painting en plein air, paint landscape or portraiture works with 8 Cotman Watercolours carefully curated by professional artists and made with quality, fine art pigments in a pocket-sized set.
  • There is 170 years of expertise invested in the Cotman collection, with the emphasis on quality balanced with affordable prices.
  • Since the greatest cost comes from the source pigments, the more expensive of these are substituted with alternatives to create hues that still provide high tinting strength and transparency. This not only keeps costs down, but also makes for more consistent performance across the range, which can be of great benefit if you’re new to watercolours.
  • This set includes a travel brush and space for 4 more colours. Small enough to fit in your pocket, the ergonomically designed case is space saving and portable. The inside of the lid also doubles up as a mixing palette.

Download our How-to Guide on Watercolour Portrait

In this How To artist Fiona Roberts shows us some unique techniques to create watercolour portraits.

Materials needed:

Download our How-to Guide on Watercolour Floral

Here artitst Malgirzata Zdanio brings us this wonderful guide to using a limited palette of colours to improve your floral illustrations. 

Materials needed:

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