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There's nothing like the approach of the Easter holidays to bring out arts and crafts masters in us all.

It presents us with the perfect opportunity to create something seasonal with or for your children, whether you're decorating an egg or fashioning a gift.

Our top three recommendations:

Sticker Stencils

You'll need

Hard-boiled eggs

Small stickers

Egg dye

Get started

Put the stickers on the eggs. They can be anything from circles to stars or heart shapes. Be careful to totally press down all the corners.

Dye the eggs in your egg dye. Egg dye is best made by leaving in a bowl of water, vinegar and food colouring for 10 minutes. Leave the eggs to dry thoroughly for around five minutes. Take off the stickers. You can use your fingers to rub off any excess.

Spring Chickens and Bunnies

You'll need

Two mini-pom-poms per soft toy

Hot glue

Craft felt

Embroidery floss

Wheatgrass (which you can get from most florists)

Get started

Put the bigger pom-pom as the body and the smaller one for the head. Cut out small black and white circles from the felt for the eyes, pink petal shapes for the bunny's ears and oval shapes for the nose and beak.

Separate 1in (25.4mm) of embroidery floss into lengths and knot at the centre for bunny whiskers. Stick everything together with warm glue. Finally, rest the finished figures in a wheatgrass-filled box to add an optional finishing touch.

Easter Bunny Glove Puppet

You'll need

Cotton gloves (ones with elasticated cuffs to fit everyone come particularly recommended)

Craft felt


Get started

Put on one glove. Turn the other glove's middle finger inside out. Fit the gloved hand's central finger into the other glove's inverted finger. Fold forward the empty glove into the centre of your gloved hand, tucking under the small finger and thumb of the unused mitten.

Pull out the empty index finger and ring finger to give the effect of rabbit ears. Wrap your gloved hand's little finger and thumb around the bottom of the empty glove. Roll up the cuff of the glove you're wearing and over your gloved little finger and thumb. Don't cover your gloved index and ring fingers as they will act as the rabbit's front feet.

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