From Berlin to Bristol: Illustration Student Tells All

by Cass Art

As Cass Art has opened its doors for the first time in the vibrant city of Bristol, our eyes are wide open to experience anything and everything on offer. But we’re not alone in our wistful Bristol bubble! We chat to The University of West Englad Illustration student, Martha Burger, who is on Erasmus exchange from Berlin and creates charming, whimsical drawings that tell stories of their own.

Hi Martha! So, tell us, what made you choose UWE for your studies?

A friend of mine did her Erasmus at UWE and liked it a lot. I had the feeling that this university would give me more or rather different opportunities than what I'm used to having at home back in Berlin.


What has been your favourite part of studying Illustration at UWE so far?

I enjoyed working in the printing area a lot. It's great that they have such a wide range of facilities and workshops, for example laser cutting or paper mechanics to discover and apply in your work. Another good thing about doing an Erasmus here is that I talk to different tutors than at home, they give a new input which helps my practice develop.

What inspires you most about your city, and Cass Art's newest home, Bristol?

Buildings and People. I think there's nothing better than observing what happens around you.

Pencil drawing 

What is your working process like? What keeps your creativity alive?

Absorbing my surroundings, collecting ideas and finally drawing. I always see, learn and discover new things that inspire me to create something.

What are you hoping to achieve in your creative career?

I hope to make a living out of my illustration when I'm finished with university. I don't need to be super famous, but that would be nice, wouldn't it?

Drawing by Martha Student at UWE 

Can you sum up Bristol in 3 words?

Friendly people, cool, English …and very hilly!


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Find out more, including the exact location, of Cass Art Bristol here

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