Daniel Teigan - An Artist You Should Know

by Cass Art

On a recent trip to Oslo for a friends wedding I got talking to one of the other guests. A very nice articulate young man by the name of Daniel Teigen. Never heard of him? Well thats about to change. When asked what he did for a living he told me he was an artist. I'm no stranger to meeting “artists” but this time something he said when explaining his practice struck a chord with me. The next day when I Googled “Daniel Teigen” (well, first I found out his surname from his girlfriend's Facebook) I was amazed by the work I saw. Not far from shocked as I am no stranger to seeing work by many artist I have met and being somewhat unmoved by their work.

Its hard to describe the feeling when you discover an artist's work for the first time. It made me wonder how well he was known around the world as all the information I could find about Teigen was in Norwegian. I suppose its like finding a band that isn’t very well known, you like them and you want everyone to like them but you also want to keep them to yourself. 

Daniel 2

ABOUT THE ARTIST.                                                                              

(Daniel sent part of this to me as my skills in translating Norwegian are limited, very limited...nonexistent)

Daniel Teigen received a BA in fine art from KHIO, Oslo. Teigen works with different media and forms of expression ranging from installation and sculpture to painting and drawing. His working process emphasizes versatile materials and various craft techniques. The compositions of the idea, technique and form can often be contradictory. The idea may be untreated rough structures, while technique and form are often delicate and rework items.


Recently, Teigen worked with biochemical analysis associated with brewing processes. Teigen worked with various fermentation processes. Based on the different fermentation methods he creates sculptures based on various types of yeast which he cultivates. The sculptures are living organisms over time changing character, form and color. Teigen is the initiator behind the artist driven micro brewery Dronebrygg. The brewery is located at the Artists House (Kunstnernes Hus) in Oslo, and has the last couple of years made several projects in Norway and Europe.

I am sure I could write infinite sentences and paragraphs about Teigen and his work. Alas like many things the size of a blog post is finite but remeber the name: Daniel Teigan

Words: Simon Showell and Daniel Teigan

Photos courtesy of Daniel Teigan 

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