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Award-winning Illustrator Marion Deuchars has launched another fantastic creative activity book Art Play which encourages everyone to ‘Play with Art like never before’. Author of Let’s Make Some Great Art, Draw Paint Print Like the Great Artists and Bob the Artist to name just a few of her titles, Marion is inspiring people of all ages to start creating. We caught up with Marion to tell us more about her latest creation Art Play. 

Click the links below to download some of the activities from the book below to try them out for yourself. 

As an award winning illustrator, what made you decide to make activity books? 
I didn't really plan it, I was trying to make a story book but was asked by my husband and consultant to Cass Art; Angus Hyland to design a small 'freebie' art activity book for the Cass Art launch of their children's department. That led to me developing the idea into a book through the help of Laurence King publishing who saw potential in it as a proper book. It's a good example of doing small projects for 'love' (rather than money!) and how it can sometimes pay off!


Download the Kirigami Paper People activity here.

What was the inspiration for your new activity book Art Play?
I go work every day and play and I wanted to share that experience. Drawing and playing with art materials, like cutting, sticking, crafting, unleashes a creative part of the brain, the part that was there long before we started using language. 

Download the Carbon Paper Printing activity here.

Can you tell us more about what you call the ‘building blocks of making art’ and why they are important?
Like all skills you have to learn the basics before you can master and personalise your work. Not long ago I did a course on creative writing and realised I didn't really have the basic building blocks of how to write a story for children. Once you have those basics, do's and don’ts for example, (in whatever subject) it gives you confidence to develop your own work. Without them you can make silly mistakes and go down frustrating paths. 


Download the Thaumatropes activity here.

Do you have a favourite activity from the book and why?
I actually really like the paper cutting and folding activities. I had forgotten how nice it is to uses scissors as a drawing tool.  
Feeling inspired? 
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