5 Reasons To Join The Colouring In Craze For Adults

by Cass Art

Everyone's talking about the new craze of colouring in. Adult colouring books are everywhere, with the wonderful titles by illustrators like Millie Marotta and Johanna Basford leading the way. More and more people are being convinced that colouring is an activity that's not just for kids - and here at Cass Art, we're completely on board.

But the real question is why? Why has colouring seen such a surge in popularity - and why should you give it a go if you're still one of the few sceptics out there?

Well, we've got the answers for you. Read on to find out why colouring is so on trend at the moment, and why it would be a good idea for you to pick up that coloured pencil and start shading your days away.


Colouring In Therapy 

1. Colouring in is the cheapest form of therapy around

Colouring in has been proven to lower adult's stress and anxiety levels. With increasingly busy lives full of deadlines, targets and numbers, taking an hour to sit and colour can work wonders for your bustling brain. The hands-on nature of putting coloured pencil on paper requires a concentration that blocks out all other thoughts, letting you focus on the task at hand instead of all those daily worries that are usually zooming around your head. So next time you feel tense, upset or like you can't cope with the myriad of things to do that day, just take yourself off for a moment of colouring. It'll work wonders and you'll suddenly feel more at ease. 

2. Colouring brings you back to the here and now

In a similar vein to its proven therapeutic qualities, colouring has also been labelled as a great introduction to mindfulness (something else that's very on trend right now.) Mindfulness teaches you a few simple exercises that allow you to focus on a given moment, so all your troubles seem less important. There are detailed books and even apps that can teach you mindfulness exercises, but the adult colouring books achieve the same results. With an intricate illustration and a set of colouring pencils before you, you can choose to focus all your energy on laying colour onto the page.

Adult Colouring Book - Johanna Basford 

3. Colouring gets you off the screen

Another reason colouring in is proving so popular is that it's returning grown-ups to the satisfying world of pen and paper. So much of our lives are spent on screens - our tablets, our phones, our computers at work - and in most spare moments many people can be found logged onto social media, watching the world through a digital veil. But colouring books are changing all that. People are choosing to come back to the printed book and enjoy a bit of quiet time away from the white lights of a screen, whilst still achieving something visible and satisfying. 

4. Adult colouring books battle the fear of the blank page

One of our favourite quotes here at Cass Art is from Pablo Picasso: "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up." This is very true; many adults abandon the act of art-making all together when they reach their teenage years and develop the idea that they are no good at drawing. The very thought of picking up a pencil and trying to draw is unfathomable to most grown-ups - they make excuses, claiming they "can't draw", and would feel embarrassed to show any attempts at creativity. Colouring in, however, banishes that fear of creating from scratch. The illustration is ready and waiting for you, and unless you struggle to stay inside the lines, there's no risk of embarssment or fear when working in a colouring book.

Owl Adult Colouring Sheet by Johanna Basford 

5. Colouring requires minimal effort and no artistic knowledge

You don't have to think too much to create an aesthetically pleasing page in an adult colouring book; somehow your mind and hand make seamless decisions without the need to concentrate too hard. You can colour whilst watching television or taking a long distance phone call, for example, which means it's a pleasant activity to fill your spare time with. It also requires next to no creative flair or knowledge of art (beyond choosing which colour you want to use next, and again that pesky detail of staying within the lines). This makes it a creative outlet that is completely accessible to everyone, of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

So there you have it. 5 reasons that prove the colouring in craze for adults really is worthwhile - and a trend that you'd be mad to miss. Start colouring today and reap the benefits for your health, lifestyle and general creative spirit!

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