How To: Liquitex Paint Markers

by Cass Art

Liquitex Paint Markers are professional-quality water-based acrylic markers, an innovative and revolutionary addition to the acrylic market. 

Watch as UK based artist Dan Kitchener explores the properties of the paint markers - using them on a large scale to create a wall mural, and using them in conjunction with Liquitex Spray Paint on canvas.

Our top tips on Liquitex Paint Markers:

- They're available in a wide range of 50 vibrant colours, all designed to offer maximum lightfastness and permanence

- Use the square ends to mark in fine details that can't be achieved with sprays or even a paintbrush 

- Blend the paint makers with your fingers whilst they're still wet to achieve a variety of tonal effects

- Don't worry about the paint clogging up the nibs - the Liquitex Paint Markers are designed to flow directly onto the surface, and their pump valve system will give you an even flow of paint

Liquitex paint markers

- Use them on a huge array of surfaces including wood, card, metal, glass and primed canvas

- You can use them both inside and out as they are water-based, perfect for murals, fine details and mixed media

- The Liquitex Paint Markers come in two different sizes, the 2-4mm width and 8-15mm width, so experiment with the range of line widths you can produce

- They're perfect for filling in blocks of solid colour and equally good for sketching out line details 

- As they're colour-matched with our Liquitex products you can use them in conjunction with Liquitex Spray Paints and Acrylic paint to achieve a variety of mixed media effects

Feeling inspired?

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