Juliette Duffy Explains Why Glasgow School of Art Is The Place To Be

by Cass Art

Cass Art is over the moon to call Glasgow its new home – and along with that we’ve enjoyed making new friends in the city. Juliette Duffy is Cass Art’s Student Ambassador for Glasgow School of Art and shares her love of the city with us.

 Warning: article will evoke art school nostalgia. Cass Art accepts no responsibility for any BAs applied for on a whim after reading this feature.

 Hi Juliette! What made you choose GSA for your studies?

First and foremost I was inspired by the work being created by the students at GSA as well as the long list of alumni. I wanted to study somewhere which would enable me to try illustration, video, photography and typography. Plus GSA seemed like an environment that did not take itself too seriously, a place which nurtured student’s intellect as well as well as their sense of humour.  

Being very young when I applied I was aware of where my interests lay but was eager to explore as many routes as possible rather than aiming all my energy at a specific discipline. 

The disobedient object 

What has been your favourite part of studying Communication Design at GSA so far?

Although Communication Design operates within The School of Design you are given the opportunity to adopt any approach to making. Some students are more Fine Art orientated and others are very loyal to the sensibilities of graphic design. Communication design students end up in any creative sphere so I guess I enjoy the uncertainty and freedom to try anything. 

What inspires you most about your city?

Everyday interactions with the people on my course, students from other disciplines and Glasgow as a whole are probably the most inspiring aspect of living here. There are so many intelligent, proactive people here, all of whom are working on their own creative endeavours.

It sounds contrived to talk about Glasgow’s music scene but there are a lot of active musicians here and it is important to keep tabs on people creating differently from yourself.  Music venues, coupled with places like The Glasgow Film Theatre, galleries and countless flat parties make Glasgow a really interesting place. There is so much crossover between artists, designers and musicians and as a student it helps to see what people are putting out into the public domain.

Juliette Duffy art student at Glasgow school of art 

What is your working process like? What keeps your creativity alive?

I don’t have a definitive, linear process as such. It tends to alter and develop depending what I am working on, simply because I am still learning. My thought processes tend to be incredibly convoluted resulting in fluctuations in output. However, reading and researching is something I really enjoy. I have an interest in philosophy and political theory as well as music, performance and film. I tend to flit between things in an attempt to draw from as many sources as possible. I also value visceral experimentation as part of producing work; sometimes simply doing “something” is useful for idea generation. 

What are you hoping to achieve in your creative career?

It is very early days at this stage as I am still trying to figure things out. I am having a lot of fun trying some basic animation and film techniques and so I would like to continue down that route. I am interested in story-telling and plan to continue developing narratives in my work, so I will decide where to take it from there. Maybe I will work in film or animation, maybe I won’t. 


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