Promote yourself – a student special

by Cass Art

There’s no question that self-promotion can be a canny tool for creative professionals. It’s like that old adage about the tree falling in a forest - if you have an impressive body of work but there’s nobody looking at it, does it really exist? And more importantly, are you going to be able to sell it?

For art, design or photography students about to embark on a professional career in their chosen creative industry, there’s a tried-and-tested, effective way to help yourself stand out, spread the word, and still keep a strong sense of yourself and your work.

It’s simply this – print it up and hand it out!

So what’s on offer?

Firstly, MOO is more than just a printer. We offer a range of promotional tools such as Business Cards, fun-sized MiniCards, Stickers, Postcards, Notecards, Letterheads. Plus, we have a few ideas on what you can use them for…

With full colour double-sided printing, you can upload your favourite pieces of work to any type of print product and put your details on the back. This means you’re promoting yourself two ways every time you hand out your card.  And with our unique Printfinity technology, you can upload a different image on every single card in a pack, which opens up a brand new way of presenting your portfolio.

Show off your work on Postcards, and you’re giving prospective clients or employers something to take home and keep. Plus, by using a premium quality paper stock you’re also showing them you value your own work. With that in mind, a popular choice for students aiming to impress is the Luxe family – an extra-thick tactile paper stock that feels amazing, and makes your work look equally great.

Interesting…so how else can students stand out?

Any professional in any field can’t go far wrong with striking business cards.

But for a graduate show, why not go that little step further? We’ve seen students attach their Business Card box to the wall and allow people to take a card away with them. Or you could leave a pile of varied Postcards for interested parties to browse – people enjoy taking away what’s essentially a mini-print from an exciting new talent.

And if you want to take it to the next level, you could create a little marketing package, using Printfinity to print examples of your work on Greeting Cards for attendees to take home or send to friends.

Sounds good. So how does it all work?

It’s reassuringly straightforward! MOO is a self-service website, so before making Business Cards, Postcards or any other printed product, it's best to check out our artwork guidelines – they’re pretty comprehensive.

We have downloadable templates too, so you can size your designs to our required full bleed dimensions.

As a rule, we recommend uploading vector PDFs for text and graphics based designs and high res JPEGs for photographs but we also accept PNGs and GIFs. We also print in CMYK, so we'd recommend editing and saving your files in this colour space.

Easy enough. So… any top tips for avoiding a degree show disaster?

If you’ve got premium quality promotional materials that show off your work to its very best advantage, you can’t go far wrong – except if you don’t have enough of them to go around! Never underestimate how much people enjoy taking home free mini-prints, so make sure you’re stocked up.

The best advice? Stay organised, stock up on giveaways, and if you’re lucky enough to be owed favours, make sure that you have a friend on hand throughout the day who can do all those time-consuming errands for you – like getting more Blu-Tack or coffee. So that all you have to worry about is talking to interested parties about your work and your future.

Feeling inspired?

Stock up on materials to create the starring piece of your portfolio, from initial sketchbooks and pencils to a final canvas or sculpture.

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