Art for Overthinking: Meditative Painting Tutorial

by Cass Art

Most of us have had an experience at some point in our lives of being so immersed in art making that we lost track of time. This happens because creative activities ease us into a process of focus, concentration, absorption and flow, which is the same process we experience when we’re meditating.

This is why drawing, painting, colouring, photography, art journaling and writing are naturally mindful. If you've no meditation experience, or find it hard to calm your mind or sit still and meditate, then creative activities are a wonderful way to enhance your capacity for focus, concentration, inner peace and calm through this natural mindfulness.

In this video artist Coco Bee brings us into a meditative state with this watercolour painting tutorial.

Feeling inspired?

See more of Coco Bee's amazing work and painting tutorials on her Instagram.

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