Cass Art Professional Ambassador Greg Mason

by Cass Art

This Thursday at 7:00pm Sky Arts Landscape Artist of the Year 2018 finalist and Cass Art Professional Oil Paint Ambassador Greg Mason is going live on our Instagram feed. Join us here where Greg will undertake a live still life painting whilst guiding us through his paiting process such as scene set up and the development of the work. Not to be missed!

An Honours Graduate of St Martin’s, London and South West Academician Greg lives and paints in Devon - his practice resonates with classic traditions of figurative art - focussing on portraiture, the nude and landscape - whilst retaining a modern approach that is both authentic to the subject matter and grounded in contemporary mark-making.

Greg works in oil on linen, constructing and deconstructing work in order to find the moment that captures the energy and emotion of a place or person. Inspired by artists such as Gwen John, Whistler, Lucian Freud and more recently modern figurative artists such as Alex Kanevsky and Nicolas Uribe, Greg looks for authenticity in the encounter with his subject and happily takes commissions for both landscapes and portraits.

Over the past few months Greg has kindly recorded a series of videos including how to's, product demonstrations and professional practice tips. You can see all below. Enjoy!


Greg shares his thoughts and experience on Cass Art artists' oil colour, and his experience painting with them in the heat of Italian Summer.


Watch as Greg talks us through the difficult task of painting a portrait in 4 hours. He takes us back to his time on Sky Portrait Artist of the Year to show us his processes in how to tackle this challenge in 4 simple steps using our Cass Art Aritists Oil Paint.

How to Approach Unfinished Works

In this video Greg shows us how to take an unfinished landscape painting and rework it through to completion using Cass Art oil paints from his isolation studio in Devon.


Greg brings us a tour of some the best art exhibits from all over the world from the Venice Biennale and picks out some of his personal highlights from this amazing collection of art.


To celebrate our Student Day reboot this year our Cass Art Professional Ambassador Greg Mason met Sylvia Reitzema to speak to her about her experience of working with students as Senior Lecturer at Kingston College of Art and Design. They discussed a number of key issues that are essential for consideration during a student tenure.

You can follow Greg on his Instagram here and see his emazing portfolio of work on his website.


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