The Colours Of 1984

by Cass Art

We all know it is Cass Art's 30th Anniversary - and alongside our Anniversary sale, we thought we would treat you to a musical celebration. We have compiled a list of the most colourful 1984 tunes to provide you with an authentic soundtrack to the festivities! 

Whether you're a fan of The Smiths and Sonic Youth or a lover of both Madonna and MJ, here is our 1984 mix tape, with the authentic album artwork to match.

 David Bowie

Blue Jean by David Bowie 

Specifically a shade of cobalt if we remember rightly... no music list would be complete without mention of the master that is David Bowie. This track's funky saxophone solo is enough to get anyone Dancing in the Street. (You see what we did there?)


Purple Rain by Prince 

You might not be able to bathe in purple rain but if needs must, you could add Winsor & Newton's violet ink to your tub while you bellow along to this legendary ballad. 

99 Red Balloons

99 Red Balloons by Nena 

Or white balloons, if you're visiting Martin Creed's exhibition on the Southbank. Either way, this Germanic synthpop track inspires only the most ridiculous of dance moves, so go for it. We won't judge. 

The Cure 

Mr Pink Eyes by The Cure 

Recorded in 1984, this lesser known B-side sums up all manner of creative confusion - featuring wild piano jamming, percussion and a bouncing bass line - this song is perfect for getting messy with paint, Jackon Pollock style. 

 Silver by Echo and the Bunnymen

Silver by Echo and the Bunnymen 

Classic postpunk sounds from a band with a sophisticated taste in album covers, this arguably more mellow track is a good one to wash your brushes to - so trust us and wind down with this chill out tune. 

 1984 Red

Feeling inspired? 

You don't need to be a musician to create your own album artwork. Use Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint and Winsor & Newton Square Canvas to create vinyl sleeve style paintings for your walls. 

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