Halloween at Kingston

by Cass Art

This Halloween the kid’s section of the Kingston upon Thames store was bursting with spooky happenings. Bags, ghosts, witches and even a sea monster were spotted creeping through the walkways, arms full of new and exciting art materials.

Our staff even got creative with their costumes by raiding the shelves in search of the perfect wings or tentacles.

We kicked off the half term children’s workshops with mask making using both foam and Decopatch, with the option of creating Decopatch skulls or cats. The children all sported HUGE smiles as they rummaged through the range of Decopatch papers to find the greatest pattern or colour for their models.  Our favourites include a leopard print cat mask and a pink and green kitty.

Halloween’s face painting activity transformed nice smiley children into all sorts of frightening creatures (Although they were still smiley!). We loved completing the children’s costumes with matching face paint and our staff joined the experience and painted their own faces too.

The workshops concluded with firework pictures on black card. Glitter, chalks and crayons were used to create spectacular bangs, crackles and whizzes. The kids had great fun getting covered in glitter and even after a vigorous sweep the store still slightly sparkles! 

Say hello to our friendly staff at Kingston for more information on upcoming workshops.

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