How To: Paint with Watercolour Markers

by Cass Art

We are celebrating the Watercolour Revolution. Winsor & Newton, a leading UK paint brand who have been making quality art materials since 1832, have made recent innovations that have brought watercolour into forms that have never been seen before.

One exciting innovation is the Winsor & Newton Watercolour Markers.

Watch the following video to see them in action, and read on for our tips on using these watercolourful marker pens.

How To Use Winsor & Newton Watercolour Markers

Designed for precision with two pen nibs instead of the bristles of a paintbrush, just add water to turn the marker ink into fluid watercolour paint.

The markers are twin-tipped – one with a narrow, fine point perfect for penning thin details, and one with a flexible nib similar to a paintbrush, offering you multiple line thicknesses.

They are ideal for marking in superior details that cannot be achieved with a paintbrush, and you simply add water afterwards to reach the flowing washes of watercolour.

Watercolour Markers 

The markers are intermixable so can be used alongside your watercolour paint, as an addition to your normal painting techniques.

They are also highly pigmented to produce vibrant colours and seamless blending, and extremely lightfast so they won’t discolour over time.

Winsor & Newton Watercolour Markers

Feeling inspired? 

You can buy the set of 6 Water Colour Markers in all Cass Art shops, and the individual pens and set of 12 are available in-store and online.

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