Misty Trees Watercolour Tutorial with Harriet Gillet

by Cass Art

Harriet Gillett is a London-based artist from East Yorkshire, making paintings and prints which playfully circulate around themes of identity, surveillance, and our relationship with myths and nature. Interested in the fluidity of storytelling she works from a combination of observational drawing and memory, blending past, present and the imagined to create new narratives. Her influences range from literary to art historical references, looking to marry archaic myths and folklore with the contemporary and visually blur the lines between memory and reality.

Here's a wondeful tutorial courtesy of Harriet Gillet where shes demonstrates how to paint watercolour misty tress using Maimeri Blu watercolour, Arches paper and Princeton brushes . Brought to you from the beauiful Scottish highlands! Enjoy

See Harriets wonderful final result below! Why not give it go yourself and don't forget to hashtag #cassart on social media to show us your creations!

You can find more of Harriets wonderful work on her website and be sure to follow her on her Instagram page.


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