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by Cass Art

At Cass Art we believe that artists need the choice of the best materials available. We work hard to bring you the top brands from around the world, and are delighted to now be stocking a wide range of Molotow products online and in our Islington and Glasgow Flagship Stores. Molotow offer a range of high quality, fully intermixable spray paints and markers, set to transform any artist's approach to acrylic painting. Developed in Germany over 25 years ago, their innovative range is incomparable to any other brand on the market, with patented technology, ultimate durability and an environmental conscience.

Explore the full range below and discover how Molotow can transform your practice from artists’ first hand experiences…


The Molotow One4All sprays, markers and inks can be combined to create a variety of marks on a breadth of surfaces. Refill empty markers in a range of nib sizes for broad or detailed line work, or work directly with brushes, sponges and sprays to layer colour – all in one work.

One4All Spray Paint

Molotow One4All Spray Paint is a water-based Spray Paint Acrylic of the highest quality. It offers a highly opaque, low odour, matt colour which is quick drying and permanent with very good lightfastness and UV resistance. One4All Spray can be fully intermixed with Molotow One4All Paint Markers and can be diluted with water, for use on nearly all surfaces.

Available in 24 colours matched to Molotow One4All Markers, with top coat 2 varnishes.

Explore the full range of One4All spray paints on our website: Molotow One4All Acrylic Spray Paints

One4All Markers

Molotow is the world’s leading name in Acrylic markers. The 'One4All' premium quality pump marker pens are the only refillable acrylic marker available to artists and feature their patented capillary and valve system – making them a truly unique and remarkable product. The acrylic based colour is non-toxic, highly opaque, semi-gloss, quick drying and permanent with very good UV resistance.

Produced within their One4All range, these premium markers are available in 6 different nibs sizes, from 1mm through to 15mm and are fully intermixable with Molotow’s One4All Spray Paint and One4All Acrylic Inks. Create blocks of broad colour with the flat nib or add detail to your work with the pointed nib, all in a variety of sizes.

These markers are also compatible for use with a whole variety of other media and materials on nearly all surfaces.

Explore the full range of markers on our website: Molotow One4All Acrylic Markers

One4All Refills

Molotow 'One4All' Acrylic Refills are for use with all forms and sizes of Molotow One4All markers and are a cost effective, innovative and uniquely sustainable approach to using Acrylic markers.

These Acrylic inks can also be used independently or intermixed with Molotow One4All Acrylic Spray Paint. The acrylic based colour is non-toxic, highly opaque, semi-gloss, quick drying and permanent with very good UV resistance. For use on nearly all surfaces and can also be used with an airbrush.

Available in 44 colours in 30ml & 180ml sizes.

Explore the full range of colours available on our website: Molotow Paint Refills

Empty Markers & New Nibs

The Molotow range of empty markers can be filled with Molotow Refill Inks, as well as all forms and brands of fluid ink. There are a range of empty markers to choose from, including a Twin Tip Marker and standard Pump Marker.

The nibs can also be replaced and come in a breadth of different sizes and shapes. There are a breadth of different styles available, including a Chisel Nib for fine details, a Flowmaster Nib for broad colour coverage or a slim line 1mm Nib for ultra fine details, to name a few.

Refill Extension

The Refill Extensions are smart little refill helpers and are available for use with all sizes of Molotow Pump Action Markers.

To be assembled between the pump valve and paint tank it allows for easy, fast and clean refilling, preventing dirty fingers. This innovative extension is unique to Molotow and comes in a range of different sizes to fit their range of markers. The Refill Extension Starter Pack has everything you need to introduce this unique tool into your markers.

Explore the range of refill extensions and nibs

Watch the video as artist Antistatik demonstrates how the range works seemlessly together and explore the One4All System on our website


Molotow Belton is the original premium spray paint. Its highly pigmented formula offers high opacity, very good UV resistance and lightfastness, with outstanding permanence. Molotow Belton colour is quick drying, dries to a semi-gloss finish and features their patented anti-drip technology.

Perfect for use on nearly all surfaces and in conjunction with a wide range of other media, Molotow Belton is the ideal choice if you are looking for a high quality Spray Paint at an affordable price.

Available in a range of 72 colours, as well as 5 neon shades and 3 transparent top coat/ varnishes, the 400ml sprays are exceptional value.

Explore the full range of Belton spray paints on our website: Molotow Belton Premium Spray Paints


Liquid Chrome Marker

The Molotow Liquid Chrome Markers offer a high-gloss, mirror effect for use on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces. They are alcohol based with a highly pigmented special ink, which is highly opaque, permanent with good UV resistance. These unique pump markers are refillable, can be fitted with replacement nibs and contain Molotow’s patented capillary system.

Available in 1mm, 2mm and 4mm.

Explore the mirror-like effects of the Chrome marker on our website: Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker

Grafx Art Masking Fluid Pump Marker

The Molotow Grafx Art Masking Fluid Pump Markers are the very best Masking Fluid pens we have come across on the market. They contain coloured blue masking fluid, which is quick-drying and dispensed using Molotow’s patented capillary system making for ease and convenience in use.

What’s more they are refillable using Molotow 30ml Refills and their nibs can be replaced with either 2 or 4mm Molotow replacement nibs. These can also be used with Molotow refill extensions for convenience and ease in refilling.

Available in 2mm and 4mm, with 30ml Refills also available.

Aqua Squeeze Brush Pen

The Molotow Aqua Squeeze Brush Pens are the perfect accompaniment for anyone using inks or watercolour pans. These empty pens are fillable with water of fluid ink for easy colouring and particularly perfect for those on the go.

Available in 6 different brush sizes; 1, 2 & 3mm Round and 4, 7 & 10mm Flat

Discover the Molotow Aqua Squeeze Pen


Watch the video of graffiti artists Slider & Caparso create The Turquoise Wall and read why professional artists all over the world choose Molotow Spray Paints and Markers when creating their epic artworks. 

“It was a great day when I used the Molotow One4All Spray Paint, Markers and Molotow Premium. They work great together and I can combine them with rollerpaint to make new effects...The synergy between the markers and the spray cans is amazing - they make both the planning and the execution of my artworks much easier.” – Fork4, Spray Paint Artist

"Perfect for workshops: odourless and can be used on all surfaces - inside and outside." - CROW, Style Scouts Graffiti Akademic Germany

"For 20 Years my first choice - 'cause they resist for the next 20 years." - MadC, Spray Paint Artist

Feeling Inspired?

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