Ground-breaking Colour Technology: Scribble Pen

by Cass Art

Imagine a pen that could draw with any colour you wanted. Touch it to the red of your T-shirt, the blue of your curtains, the yellow of the fruit in your fruitbowl, and it imitates the exact colour of the object.

It something artists’ dreams are made of, but it’s no longer just a dream!

The Scribble is the world’s first colour picker pen, and is currently in production with the aim to bring the product to the market and open up the possibilities of colour to everyone.

“The idea that you can quickly pick any colour around you and instantly draw using that colour on paper or your favourite mobile device is an appealing one,” Scribble developers said.

Scribble Ink 

A Kickstarter campaign was launched on 11st August 2014 to raise funds for the production of the Scribble Pen, and the pen will be available as soon as the technology has been fully developed. 

The device works by using a colour sensor and microprocessor to detect colours and mix the required ink for drawing. It’s easy to use and the perfect size to fit in a pocket or purse, so that it can be used any time, anywhere to scan, draw, match and compare colours.

Alongside the Scribble Ink, a Scribble Stylus will also be released to connect with the free Scribble mobile app, so all captured colours can be shown via blue tooth and used on phones and tablets. 

Scribble Specifications

The creators of the Scribble pen, Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman, have both spent their careers developing innovative technologies that make people’s lives easier. 

This exciting new development in the colour business is a tribute to the fact that technology and creativity go hand in hand – and that people will return to the joys and practicalities of colour time and time again.

Get involved 

You can take part in the Kickstarter and speed up the production of the Scribble here.

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