Seawhite CupCycling™ Cartridge Paper: where sustainability and creativity meet

by Cass Art

At Cass Art we're always on the look out for innovations and this latest collaboration between CupCycling™ and Seawhite is just that! Their innovative paper brings together the latest advances in sustainability with the creativity of the art industry. CupCycling is the world’s first recycling process dedicated to upcycling take-away cups. These innovative cartridge pads are made with 80% recycled content, offering artists and students a fantastic quality paper whilst helping to reduce the amount of plastic sent to landfill.  

In the past, only 1 in 400 takeaway coffee cups were recycled in the UK. This is because it is difficult to separate the plastic lining from the paper. CupCycling™ by James Cropper is the world’s first recycling process dedicated to upcycling takeaway cups.


  1. Used cups are collected.
  2. Cutting edge technology strips the polyethylene lining from the paper.
  3. The plastic is sent to be recycled into cables and industrial products.
  4. High quality paper fibre is reclaimed and processed according to final use.
  5. It is combined with Seawhite’s unique cartridge recipe to form a paper that works spectacularly well with all media: Seawhite CupCycling™ Cartridge paper.


The Seawhite CupCycling™ Cartridge Pad is a multi-award winning collaboration involving producers, outlets and consumers. We have both A3 and A4 size pads, for working on the move or in the studio. 

Feeling Inspired?

You can find the Seahwite CupCycling™ Cartridge Pad online and in-store now. Enjoy the best of both worlds with contributing to the recycling movement whilst enjoying top quality artist paper!

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