Canson Paper

Founded by the Montgolfier family of France, papermakers since the 16th century as well as pioneers of balloon flight, Canson is a brand with iconic status at home, where the Canson notebook is a school staple.

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  1. Canson Artbooks 80 sheets

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  2. Canson Blue Graph Pad 90gsm 50 Sheets

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  3. Canson The Wall Pad Double Sided Marker Pad 220gsm 30 sheets

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    Available in 2 sizes
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Canson Paper

The company’s high-grade papers have been used by artists including Picasso, Miró, Delacroix and Chagall, and its range now takes in paper for sketching, watercolours, pastels, oils and acrylics, and digital and photographic fine arts. Since 2006, it has been owned by the Hamelin group, alongside the Oxford and Elba brands.