Cutting Mats

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  1. West Double Sided Cutting Mat

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    Available in 4 sizes
  2. Jakar 3 Piece Cutting Mat and Cutter Set A5


  3. Jakar 4 Piece Cutting Mat and Cutter Set A4


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  4. Jakar Cutting Combination Set A5

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  5. Jakar Cutting Mat Translucent

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    Available in 4 sizes

Cutting Mats

Almost as essential as a good, sharp knife is a good-quality cutting mat. Not only will it protect your table, but it will help you get better and more precise results by gripping the paper slightly, preventing slips that can damage both your work and your fingers. A self healing cutting mat won't end up with ridges and scratches like a wooden block would, again making it easier to get accurate and neat results. We sell a range of cutting mats – UK suppliers include West Design Products, while Jakar International source their craft products from all over the world.