Archive Box

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  1. Seawhite A3 Flat Pack Storage Box


  2. Seawhite A3 Storage Clamshell Box


  3. Seawhite A4 Flat Pack Storage Box


  4. Seawhite A4 Storage Clamshell Box


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  5. Seawhite Archival Box 50mm Deep

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    Available in 4 sizes
  6. Seawhite Slim Archival Box

    From £4.95

    Available in 3 sizes

Archive Box

Looking after your art is vital, so we have all you need for temporary accommodation or long-term occupation, from simple sleeve to archive box. There are archive boxes, such as the Seawhite A3 Archival Box, for storing drawings, prints, photographs or other documents. Whichever you choose, your work will be safe and sound.