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7 - 12 years Kids Painting

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  1. Daler Rowney Simply Mini Easel


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  2. Galt Squeeze & Brush Classic Set of 12 24ml


  3. Jakar Chubby Brush Set of 4


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  4. Daler-Rowney Simply Glow in the Dark Paint 75ml


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  5. Faber-Castell Watercolours Starter Set of 12 12ml

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7 - 12 years Kids Painting

Every child is an artist, said Picasso, and we wholeheartedly agree! When it comes to children's paint, you want bright colours, quick results and something that's easy to clean and doesn't stain, and we've got you covered. We stock a range of poster paints that will keep little hands busy whether they're using a paintbrush or applying it directly, as well as paper and brushes perfect for younger artists. We even stock clever Squeeze n' Brushes which carry the colour inside the brush handle, with all the fun without the mess. Watersoluble and easy to remove, our kids range includes paint by Reeves and Jakar, so get stuck in, and maybe get them to wear an apron just in case!