Palette Knives

Whether it’s for applying oil or acrylic colours or for working on fine details, a palette knife is a vital component of any painter's toolkit. They can also be used for mixing colours on the palette, to keep your colours more pure and your brushes clean. You’ll find an excellent selection of palette knives here, from Liquitex’s mighty Size 10 to sets of palette knives in a variety of shapes and sizes, in metal or nylon, with wood or rubber grips.
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  1. RGM Wooden Palette Knife

    From £10.95 Save up to 24%

    Available in 2 sizes
  2. Reeves Oasis Metal Painting Knives Set of 6

    RRP: £22.20 £9.95 Save 55%

  3. RGM Pro-Grip Palette Knife Set of 6

    RRP: £29.95 £22.95 Save 23%

  4. RGM Pro Grip Palette Knife


    Available in 6 sizes
  5. Liquitex Large Palette Knife


  6. Jakar Palette Knives Assorted Shapes Set of 5


  7. Catalyst Painting Wedge


    Available in 3 sizes
  8. Catalyst Painting Blade 15mm


    Available in 2 sizes
  9. Catalyst Painting Blade 15mm