Artists are only as good as their tools, and so cleaning supplies are a must-have in any artist’s studio. Whether you’re working in oils, acrylics or watercolours, or with mediums, varnishes or glues, you’ll need to remove spills, wipe down surfaces and clean your instruments so you can use them again next time. For that all-important oil and acrylic brush cleaner, we have a selection that includes the classic Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver and Speedball Pink Soap. We have cleaning wipes that are essential for working surfaces and your own skin alike. And if you're looking for a brush cleaner that’s environmentally friendly and kind on the nose, we have the citrus Zest-it. There's no excuse not to be clean in your studio anymore!
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  1. Loxley Art Wipes Pack of 100


  2. Speedball Pink Soap 12oz


    From £0.02 per ml

  3. Zest It Safe Oil Paint Dilutant And Brush Cleaner

    From £6.20

    From £0.02 per ml

    Available in 5 sizes
  4. Winsor & Newton Artists' White Spirit

    From £5.25 Save up to 34%

    From £0.01 per ml

    Available in 2 sizes
  5. Winsor & Newton Sansodor Low Odour Solvent

    From £5.25 Save up to 21%

    From £0.02 per ml

    Available in 4 sizes
  6. Loxley Brush Cleaner & Preserver Pot 30g


  7. Schmincke Brush Cleaner 60ml


    From £0.11 per ml

  8. Schmincke Eco Brush Cleaner 60ml


    From £0.12 per ml

  9. Daler Rowney Solvent Free Brush Cleaner 250ml

    RRP: £8.95 £6.95 Save 22%

    From £0.03 per ml

  10. C Roberson Apron Natural Cotton Duck


  11. Colourfull Arts Atomizer Bottle Clear 100ml


  12. Loxley Glass Jar

    From £1.95

    Available in 2 sizes
  13. Bartoline Low Odour White Spirit


  14. Colourfull Arts Artists White Spirit

    From £3.95

    From £0.01 per ml

    Available in 3 sizes
  15. Colourfull Arts Low Odour White Spirit 500ml

    RRP: £8.15 £6.25 Save 23%

    From £0.01 per ml

  16. Masters Brush Cleaner 2.5oz


  17. Masters Clean Up Kit


  18. Masters Hand Soap Green


  19. Speedball Brush Cleaning Set

    RRP: £7.95 £3.95 Save 50%