Brushes for Oil

Brushes suitable for oil painting are often made from hog and synthetics. Traditionally, hog, made from animal hair such as pigs, was seen as the go-to brush for oil painting, because of its ability to create smooth brush marks when used with medium and thick bodied paints. Synthetic brushes are a great animal free alternative and at Cass Art, we stock brushes from Winsor & Newton, Pro Arte and Daler Rowney, each offering a great selection of brushes to suite oil painting for all levels and needs.

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  1. Cass Art Synthetic Brush Collection Set of 10


  2. Cass Art Synthetic Brush Set of 6


  3. Cass Art White Synthetic Brush Set of 6


  4. Cass Art Grey Synthetic Acrylic & Oil Brush Set of 6


  5. Cass Art Grey Synthetic Brushes for Acrylic and Oil Set of 8


  6. Cass Art Hog Bristle Brush Set of 6


  7. Pro Arte Masterstroke Brush Cass Exclusive Set of 5

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  8. Pro Arte Artist Value Super Hog Brush Set of 5

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  9. Cass Art Hog Bristle Round Brush

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    Available in 8 sizes
  10. Cass Art Hog Bristle Flat Brush

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    Available in 8 sizes

Brushes for Oil