Glazing Oil Painting Mediums

If you’re exploring ways of making your oil painting stand out from the rest of the crowd, or if you’re trying to make something less traditional, then why not explore the different oil painting mediums available? We stock a range of painting mediums here, so if you’re looking to alter the finish, the drying time, or the general properties, you can be sure to pick up the correct supplies here to ensure that you can carry out a variety of techniques and styles using a range of brands including Winsor & Newton, Daler Rowney, Cobra and Michael Harding.

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  1. Winsor & Newton Blending and Glazing 75ml


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  2. Michael Harding Dammar Glaze Medium

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    Available in 2 sizes
  3. Michael Harding Balsam Resin Glaze Medium 100ml

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  4. C Roberson Glaze Medium 250ml


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  5. Cobra Watermixable Glazing Medium 75ml

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    From £0.08 per ml

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Glazing Oil Painting Mediums

These painting medium techniques can include scumbling, which allows you to build up multiple layers of “broken” colour, which is essentially speckled or deliberately cracked to produce a base layer that shows through the top layers, giving a sense of depth, texture and colour variation to the piece that you’re working on. This can be achieved with opaque or transparent colours, with opaque working best; additionally the base layer needs to be thinned with Winsor & Newton Liquin Original as well as being lighter than the upper layer.

Or maybe you want to explore texture further by using the impasto technique, which allows painters to create textured areas in an oil painting by making thick layers of paint show visible brush strokes. Depending on the type of medium used, such as the Winsor & Newton Liquin Impasto medium, this can often increase the drying time of oil colours whilst thickening and adding to the paint tube colour and also retaining crisp textures at the same time.

As such, with any of our mediums being used in your artwork, you’ll soon find new techniques and styles to help create some absolutely stunning artwork. If you’re looking for further information on how to use the different mediums in oil paints, then why not explore our guide here and see how it can help you on your art journey?