Liquitex spray paints are an innovation for artists who want to use water-based acrylic paints for mixed media painting, laying down colour on canvas or stencilling. These are low odour, durable and fit within the entire Liquitex paint range of markers, paints and sprays.

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  1. Liquitex Spray Paint 400ml

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    Available in 100 colours
  2. Liquitex Spray Paint Assorted Nozzle Pack


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  3. Liquitex Spray Paint Standard Nozzle Pack


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Liquitex introduced the very first water-based acrylic paint, in 1955, and has not stopped innovating since. Originally known as Permanent Pigments, the company responded to the success of its invention by compounding the words “liquid” and “texture” to form its new name. Its history has continued to be a catalogue of firsts, from the first acrylic gloss and matt mediums, and the first acrylic hue colours, to the first iridescent acrylics. The choice of both Andy Warhol and David Hockney, it remains the leading name in acrylics to this day, with the largest range of colours, mediums and tools, at a variety of price levels and with an admirable devotion to quality and consistency across the board. It also continues to break new ground, as demonstrated by the introduction of its new low-odour, water-based Artists’ Acrylic Spray Paint range.