Watercolour Painting Accessories

For artists who need to prepare or preserve their painting surface we offer Arabic Gum, which slows the drying process of watercolour paint and gives artists more time to work on their piece. Also included in our art supplies is our watercolour primer (also called watercolour ground), which is brilliant for preparing almost any surface for watercolour paint including plaster, stone and fabrics.

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  1. Winsor & Newton Watercolour Colourless Masking Fluid 75ml


    From 0,11€ per ml

  2. Faber-Castell Watercup Click and Go Green


  3. Loxley Gumstick Tape

    From €7.50

    Available in 2 sizes
  4. Pentel Water Brush Medium, Broad and Fine Set of 3

    Was: €15.00 €12.00

  5. Derwent Water Brush Set of 3


  6. Seawhite Drawing Board

    From €11.50

    Available in 3 sizes
  7. Daler Rowney Artsphere Easel A3


  8. Daler Rowney Edinburgh Table Easel


  9. Jullian Full Size Sketch Box Easel including Carrying Bag


  10. Mabef M22 French Sketch Box Easel


  11. Daler Rowney Lincoln Table Easel


  12. Winsor & Newton Watercolour Art Masking Fluid 75ml


    From 0,11€ per ml

  13. Masquepen Masking Fluid


  14. Caran D'ache Brush Water Reservoir


  15. Caran D'ache Water Brushes Set of 3


    * * * * * (3)
  16. Schmincke Aqua Bronze 20ml


    From 0,46€ per ml

    Available in 5 colours
  17. Loxley MDF Drawing Board A2


  18. Daniel Smith Artist Masking Fluid 30ml


    From 0,33€ per ml

    * * * * * (2)
  19. Daniel Smith Watercolour Ground 118ml


    From 0,09€ per ml

    Available in 4 colours
    * * * * * (7)
  20. Winsor & Newton Gum Arabic 75ml


    From 0,11€ per ml

Watercolour Painting Accessories

Liquid frisket is ideal for preserving white areas of the canvas, keeping your paintings as clean as possible. Once you have finished your work simply peel the latex solution from the surface, leaving you with preserved clear areas that create a professional looking painting.

Our watercolour accessories also include easels, including Beechwood models that can be used at any angle making them ideal for artists that use many art mediums. Our drawing boards are available in A1, A2 and A3 sizes making them ideal for artists working on sheet watercolour paper or just for preliminary sketches.

We met with the team at Winsor & Newton who demonstrated their Watercolour Art Masking Fluid, watch below: