Daler Rowney Easels Sale

Whether you work in a studio, at home or outdoors, we have a range of fantastic easels that will fit your needs, from studio easels to sketch easels, and table easels to field easels.

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  1. Daler Rowney Lyra Studio Easel

    RRP: £92.00 £57.50

  2. Daler Rowney Edinburgh Table Easel

    RRP: £37.90 £21.95

  3. Daler Rowney Cotswold Studio Easel

    RRP: £135.25 £79.95

  4. Daler Rowney Lincoln Table Easel

    RRP: £37.90 £26.50

  5. Daler Rowney Exeter Radial Studio Easel

    RRP: £135.25 £84.50

  6. Daler Rowney St Pauls Easel

    RRP: £43.25 £26.50

  7. Daler Rowney Artsphere Easel A3

    RRP: £48.70 £32.50

  8. Daler Rowney Simply Wooden Table Easel

    RRP: £32.45 £24.50

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  9. Daler Rowney Simply Box Easel

    RRP: £21.65 £15.50

  10. Daler Rowney Artists Display Rack

    RRP: £75.70 £49.95

  11. Daler Rowney Kensington Studio Easel

    RRP: £189.30 £134.00

Daler Rowney Easels Sale

A sturdy studio easel that can adjust height and angle to suit any eventuality is a perfect addition to any artist's studio, and we stock easels by leading brands JUllian, Mabef and Daler Rowney. We also sell Printing Racks that belong to the same family in case a traditional easel isn't what you were looking for.