Craft Paper Pads & Coloured Card Packs

Craft and coloured paper is a staple in the studios of many artists, and also completely at home in a classroom or child's art kit. Whether you need it for craft or collage, or to mount or liven up your drawings, our range of coloured paper craft supplies and card will suit every need.

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  1. Cass Art Assorted Coloured Card A4 Pack of 75


  2. Cass Art Glitter Card A4 Pack of 10


    * * * * * (6)
  3. Canford Card Pack (Single Colours)

    From £0.69

    From £0.80 per sheet

    Available in 14 colours
     & 2 sizes
  4. Cass Art Holographic & Foil Card A4 Pack of 10


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  5. Daler Rowney Graduate Mountboard A1


    Available in 4 colours

Craft Paper Pads & Coloured Card Packs

We even stock holographic and foil card to liven up your cards or collages. Plus if you need a pad to create something amazing and unusual, we also stock pads from Daler Rowney.


Got a particular brand that you just can’t do without? We stock all the best brands, such as Daler Rowney, Clairefontaine, Fabriano and more, including our own Cass Art brand craft and coloured card. Whatever brand you may favour, we’re sure to stock it, so be sure to check our complete range. If you’re looking for a new brand to get into, then we can help you get something new to add to your collection that you’re sure to be delighted with, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need to.


Choose from a range of styles and types of crafting and coloured card, as well as different thicknesses to suit your needs. Thicknesses range from 120gsm to 300gsm, to give you the best options for crafting with either thin or thick coloured card, no matter what needs you might have.


If you’re just starting out on your art journey, or are an experienced graphic artist, we’ve got the perfect coloured and crafting card for you to use in the creation process. If you’re just starting out on your art journey and aren’t sure of what card to get from our range of paper craft supplies, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need recommendations on our craft and coloured card range.