Artist Interview: Sophie Tea, on Social Media, favourite materials and changing the art game

Artist Interview: Sophie Tea, on Social Media, favourite materials and changing the art game

Posted by Cass Art on 12th Aug 2019

Sophie Tea started her professional career in the world of consultancy and is now very much submerged in the world of creativity. Realising her passion for painting she left her path in business to pursue painting full time, building a name for herself on social media she now has a dedicated band of followers, collectors and admirers. We caught up with Sophie to learn more about her journey as an artist, her view on social media and what she’s got coming up next... 

Hi Sophie, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lifestyle to catch up with us! 

Firstly, we just want to say a huge congratulations on your current success and also becoming verified on Instagram! Could you tell us a bit more about your artistic journey and how you got to where you are today? 

Thank you so much! Flattered that you guys want to learn more about me. I started my artistic journey painting animals in India, after studying business and was due to start a grad scheme as a consultant, I exchanged a free stay in Delhi for some artwork. It was then I realised I wanted to pursue a creative career. I painted animals up until 2018, where I transitioned to abstract art. I plan another move towards nudes in the next 6 months in order to always keep my work fresh.

We love that you shop with us at Cass Art, what are your favourite products and why? 

My favourite products are the liquitex pouring mediumsystem 3 acrylics and the Cass Art A3 Canvas

We can see social media plays a big part in your career; can you tell us about what it is like having such a social influence in the art world? 

It’s an absolute blessing and it was always the plan. I recognise that I can short cut my way to selling a lot of art work without having to get representation from a gallery. Social media, in particular instagram, has allowed me to authentically tell my own story and keep my customers at the forefront of my business, which has been so paramount to my growth.

How you deal with the ups and downs of social media today? 

Dealing with criticism online has been my biggest challenge as its so important for me to be completely honest about the highs and the lows of my journey when faced with hateful messages. It really does sting as my business and my art are my entire life. The upside is of course  is that I get to be so close to the people that matter the most, which are my customers.

You pride yourself as someone who is changing the art game – we love that here at Cass Art as we believe Art is Freedom, and want everyone to realise they can do it! How would you say you’ve changed the art game? 

I think typically getting your hand on original artwork can be a difficult process. I like to believe that at Sophie tea art we make getting that perfect piece for your house a more accessible journey. My most notable strategy and still my best idea to date has been allowing customers to pay for their piece in instalments, over 12 months, interest free. If a client wants a piece of artwork, all they have to do is send me a DM, pay their first month’s fee and its sent to them immediately to their house. And happy to announce that last month we hit our 1550 original sale and yesterday we had our first customer reach their 10th piece of original art. Our reorder rate is at 80%, this is a statistic im very proud of and it proves we are doing something right.

And what are your words of wisdom to aspiring artists of today?  

My biggest piece of advice is to just press go and there’s never going to be a right time when your financial,  personal or work life is ready for you to make such a dramatic change. If you really want to become an artist then the first step is to do more art.

Your work is very bold, colourful and expressive – what would you say is your inspiration behind the artwork? 

My inspiration comes from being on the road. An example would be my trips to Sydney, Australia. The colours and the light on the beaches inspired my coastline collection, which consisted of coppers, aquas, teals and pearl.

Finally, what’s next on the schedule for you?

We have a busy couple of months ahead. In 2 weeks we have our London solo show - ‘Chocolate’. Two days after we have a Manchester solo show - ‘Home’. Then I fly to Sydney for an exhibition and then i'm taking the entire Sophie Tea Art team to Bali for a month; where I will be launching my nude collection.  So excited there's so much going on and I’m grateful now more than ever to be doing what I do.


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