Let's Fill This Town With Street Artists: Bristol and Banksy

by Cass Art

Here at Cass Art we’re struggling to contain our excitement for our latest art shop opening in the beautiful, buzzing city that is Bristol!

Saturday 15th November will see Cass Art open its doors on the sloping centre that is Park Street, inviting Bristolians to explore the store and browse the plentiful art materials for the first time in our Bristol art shop.

But let's talk Bristol. You think of Bristol, you think of bridges, of the harbour., of the Arnolfini and Wallace and Gromit. But really, you put art and Bristol together and instantly the world's most infamous street artist comes to mind - it's the hometown of Banksy, the anonymous, provocative Graffiti artist. 

Seven times Banksy’s creative genius has put the biggest grin on our faces (not just in Bristol, we might add - he does the rounds) and we wanted to share seven of his spray-painted artworks with you. 


Imagine a world where whatever you drew, came true…

Banksy Street Art

If only all CCTV looked as cute as these two.

Banksy's spray painted work

Proving once again, that ANYTHING can be your canvas.

Banksy roller work

Make that twice again.

Banksy this looks a bit like an elephant

It’s important to protect our creative explorations, new and old…and really really old.

Banksy's street art cave drawings

For any graphic designers out there!

Banksy I hate this font

He’s always one step ahead of the authorities. (Here at Cass Art we don't condone breaking the law. But we do condone creative genius, we must admit.)

 Graffiti removal hotline

Practice your own Banksy techniques with Montana spray paints, or give your designs a trial run with Montana Chalk Spray (much less permanent) on your local legal surface!


Know someone who would be happy to hear we've opened a brand new art shop in Bristol? Then please Refer a Friend - we'd love to see them in our shop.


Find out more, including the exact location, of Cass Art Bristol here

Images all courtesy of Banksy's website.

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