Go On A Banksy Tour In Bristol

Go On A Banksy Tour In Bristol

Posted by Cass Art on 22nd Aug 2019

He's Bristol born and bred, and despite his anonymity, Banksy is a household name. His controversial street art pieces scatter the globe – London, LA & New York – but there are many to see in his hometown in the west of England.

Cass Art has also found a new home in the creative hub that is Bristol, so we thought now was the perfect time to do a Banksy tour. Forget your tube maps and gallery guides - wander around on foot and spot the street artist's pieces around the city!

The Girl with the Pierced Ear Drum

Just a twenty minute stroll to the harbour side from Cass Art on Park Street, this spectacularly punny Banksy can be found on the side of a building in Albion Docks in Hanover Place. Discovered in October 2014, this is the latest Banksy to hit Bristol. Sadly it was vandalised a mere 24 hours after completion but efforts have been made to reconcile the damage and touch up the parody of Johannes Vermeer’s masterpiece.

Paint Pot Angel by Banksy 

Paint-Pot Angel

Even closer to our new art shop on Park Street, Banksy’s Paint-Pot Angel can be found in standing high in all its glory in the front hall of the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery. As a reaction to the tension between urban art and the traditional artistic establishment, Banksy hosted a heist overnight which resulted in one of the most publicised and popular exhibitions Bristol had ever seen: Banksy vs. Bristol 2009.

Mild Mild West

Mild, Mild West

Driving out of Bristol with a boot full of art supplies? Take the A38 north through Stokes Croft to spot Banksy’s satirical piece just opposite Jamaica Street junction, near The Canteen. It’s been said that Bristolians feel fondly for this particular piece; it’s one of his earliest pieces with the classic Banksy use of stencils.

Head further out of the centre along Fishponds Road to discover an early Banksy on the side of a local community centre. The peeping gorilla was accidentally painted over back in 2011 but has since been restored, much to our art-enthused joy! It’s believed to be the longest standing Banksy and really shows how his style and social commentary through the medium of art has developed.

Grim Reaper by Banksy

Grim Reaper

Head back into the city centre to find Banksy's morbid piece was originally on the side of the Thekla Social boat moored in the harbour. It has since been decided that it will be taken and protected from further wear and tear outdoors and exhibited in the M shed.